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Coffee Packaging Machine: Model S4 – Gross Weight Bagging Scale

bagging coffee with the logical machines s4The Model S4 is an affordable, well-built, entry-level coffee packaging machine.  It is the perfect cure for business owners and coffee roasters that are tired of manually scooping and weighing coffee into bags and pouches ranging in weight from a couple of ounces up to 10 pounds.  The company that builds the S4 has a proven track record and has been manufacturing American made, high quality bulk weighing and packaging machines since 1994.

This machine has one of the simplest set-ups.  With a press of a button, you can quickly change the different bag weight / fill sizes.  It is perfect for packaging whole coffee beans or coffee grounds.  It can also bag many types of teas, snack foods, candy, nuts, spices, powders, and other free-flowing dry bulk products.

parts of an automatic fill weigh machine for bagging coffee

Parts of the Model S4 Semi-automatic Scale Machine

How do you package coffee with the S4?

The steps outlined below are for filling a 16 oz (1 lb) bag with roasted whole coffee beans.

1. Coffee beans are loaded into the supply hopper at the top of the S4 and the target fill weight is set to 1 lb on the controller.

2. The operator places a 1 lb bag on the fill spout.

3. The first fill cycle is started by depressing the foot pedal. At this point, the machine and controller switches into “learn mode” for the first cycle.  The controller tests the flow characteristics of the coffee beans and decides the best speeds and duration for the vibration of the feeder.

4. The controller will start a bulk flow (fast flow) of the coffee beans from the hopper, through the vibrating feeder, and into the weigh hopper below. Once the target set weight of 1 lb nears completion, the controller will automatically switch to a dribble flow (slow flow) of the coffee beans into the weigh hopper.  Once the set target weight of 1 lb has been reached, the feeder stops.

5. The weigh hopper releases the 1 lb of coffee beans into the bag that is placed on the spout.

6. Each bag after the first fill cycle is now filled automatically with the perfect amount of coffee beans by placing it under the spout and depressing the foot pedal.

7. After filling each bag, the operator sends it through a vacuum bag sealer or band sealer to lock in freshness with a flush of nitrogen, print date codes, trim bag tops, and more.

Watch a Video Demonstration

Coffee Bagging Machine Fills Large & Small Bags & Pouches

The standard set up for bagging coffee with the S4 can realistically achieve up to 500 bag fills / hour depending on flow characteristics and packaging line set up. With the S7 Dual-Lane Model, you can double the packaging rate to 1,000 fills / hour.

Standard Features of the Model S4:

  • Arrives fully assembled so you can start packaging coffee immediately
  • Self-adjusting or smart controller with automatic tare adjustment
  • Weight indicator displays down to 1 gm (0.001 lb)
  • Fill bags up to 10 lb bags precisely with on-the-fly, self-adjusting bulk, and dribble feed rates. This machine can also fill rigid containers.
  • Supply hopper can hold up to 3.5 cu ft of coffee beans (different size hoppers are available)
  • 304 stainless steel for all product contact surfaces
  • Includes standard powder coated chassis with locking casters. The standard model is 67 inn high and takes up approximately 4.6 sq ft (23 in x 30 in) of floor space.  An optional stainless steel chassis is available.
  • Electrical requirements: 120V 60Hz (240V 50Hz option is available)
  • Compressed air requirements: < 0.25 cfm air supply at 30 psi
S4 automatic coffee bagging machine tabletop model

Tabletop version of the Model S4. (Table not included)

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vacuum sealing 6 bags of coffee at a time vp 3600 003

Vacuum sealing and flushing 6 bags of coffee at a time

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