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Vibrating Tables

Vibrating tables to densify and remove air from molds, packaging, drums, bulk containers, bags and more.  Vibrating tables can also be used for fatigue testing of materials and containers.  Learn more about electric powered or air powered vibrating tables.  All vibrating tables are custom designed to fit your application.

View our Vibrating table case studies below or view more information about our line of vibrating tables.

Semi-Auto Box Filling System for Chopped Metal Fibers

Semi-auto box filling system fills empty boxes with chopped metal fibers by weight.  These metal fibers are added to concrete to increase strength.

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Bulk Bag Filler with Wooden Pallet Dispenser

This Bulk Bag Filler with Wooden Pallet Dispenser automatically places an empty pallet under a bulk bag before filling. 14-16 pallets are loaded for staging into the pallet dispenser. Controls automatically remove the bottom pallet from the stack and place it below the bulk bag before filling occurs.

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Bulk Bag Filling System for Carbon Black Beads

This bulk bag filling system was used to fill bulk bags with carbon black beads.

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Industrial Vibration Motors

Industrial Vibration Motors for use on bulk processing equipment such as vibrating feeders, conveyors, vibrating tables, screens, bulk bag fillers, bulk bag unloaders and more. 53 different models available Frequency ranges include:  3600 RPM, 1800 RPM, 1200 RPM, 900 RPM Horsepower Ranges:  1/50 to 17-1/2 HP Force Outputs from 30 lbs to over 40,000 lbs […]

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Vibrating Table to Settle / Densify Activated Carbon Canisters

This Vibrating Table was custom engineered for a customer that manufactures filter media.  The flat deck vibrating surface measured 20 inches by 20 inches.  It was pneumatic, or air-powered, and was used to settle or densify activated carbon inside of canisters before packaging.  The vibrating table has a maximum load of around 200 pounds. Activated […]

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Vibrating Tables used for Powder Compaction in Boxes

Eight industrial vibrating tables were used for resin powder compaction while filling boxes to desired weight of 55 pounds per box. Requirement was for a packaging system to increase production in an existing plant. Customer wanted to reuse their existing packaging head to fill the boxes with a powdered resin material to a weight of […]

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Vibrating Table for Architectural Stone Molds (video)

Client requested a vibrating table system to densify and remove air from a slurry mix in molds while manufacturing various types and colors of architectural stone.

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