MRF Recycling System (video)

MRF Recycling System

MRF Recycling System

An MRF Recycling System was recently installed and completed for Tulsa Recycling and Transfer of Tulsa, Oklahoma.  Prior to installation, the customer was manually sorting 10-12 bales of OCC, old corrugated cardboard, per day. The new MRF was designed to recover old corrugated cardboard but also recovers plastics, metals, paper print, wood and non-ferrous metals.

This new MRF Recycling System includes:

Recovery steps:

  1. Trash goes into the hopper
  2. Big magnets remove the metals
  3. Remaining valuable items are sorted out
  4. Recyclables are bailed and sorted out.

In the first week of operation, TRT was able to recover about 18 bales of OCC per day on average.   They are now able to recover about 77 bales of OCC per day.  They can also bale aluminum, plastic and other items.

This new system has allowed TRT to further automate their materials recovery process and allow them to increase the amount of resalable waste material.




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