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Aggregate Bagging Plant Fills Multiwall Paper Bags

This aggregate bagging plant fills multiwall paper bags (also known as open top, 25kg kraft paper bags) with aggregate and crushed rock at a rate of 10 bags per minute.  The plant also includes a dust collection system.  The customer is adding a robotic palletizer to further automate the packaging process.

Aggregate Bagging Plant Fills Multiwall Paper Bags

Aggregate Bagging Plant – Process Description

A front end loader dumps aggregate into a hopper that meters it onto an incline belt conveyor.  The belt conveyor transfers the aggregate to a surge hopper that feeds it into a net weigh bagging machine, or NWB.  The NWB has an internal hopper that fills up with a set target weight of aggregate as a bag is being filled below resulting in a higher bagging rate.  The operator places a multiwall paper bag on the spout and depresses a foot pedal to activate the dust tight bag clamp and fill a bag.

Once filled to a set target weight, the bag is released and drops onto the bag sealing conveyor below.  The operator runs the pre-glued part of the bag through a hot air bag sealer, where another operator is waiting to pick up the bag and place it on a shipping pallet.  Once, the shipping pallet is full, it is transported to a stretch wrapper and then onto storage or shipping.

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