Eddy Current Separators

eddy current separators

Magnets for aluminum include the Eddy Current Separator.  This type of magnet can remove non-ferrous metals from mixed waste and other recycling product streams.

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The eddy current forces are created when a magnetic rotor turns at high speed.  The currents repel materials with varying degrees of force depending on their metallic composition.  Therefore, aluminum, copper and other metals can be separated from wood, glass, plastic, and more.

All eddy current separators feature a triple shell design for maximum strength and durability.  This produces a deeper field that increases the ability to process more tons per hour with higher recovery rates.

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  • Discharge housing
  • Discharge chute for nonmetallic material
  • Discharge chute for nonferrous metal
  • 7 gauge material for longer life
  • Clear Lexan doors on both sides for inspection and access to splitter
  • Adjustable splitter
  • Optional splitter extension available to move splitter closer to magnetic rotor
  • Transitions available to tilt customer chutework or conveyors
  • Housing components can be customized to meet special separation or dimensional requirements




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