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Milk Powder Bag Packing Machine

Filling 50 lb bags with milk powder

Filling 50 lb. bags with milk powder

This milk powder bag packing machine fills 50 lb. open mouth bags at a rate of 2-3 bags per minute.  It provides an accurate and dust tight filling process.  The machine is designed to be quickly and easily disassembled for access to internal components when cleaning and sanitation is required.

Process Description

Milk powder is transferred using a conveyor to the 10 cubic foot surge hopper attached to the bag packing machine.  High and low level sensors on the hopper signal to the transfer conveyor when a refill is required to maintain ideal bag packing operation.

Milk powder flows by gravity from the surge hopper to the inlet chamber of the auger supply hopper.  The auger then removes the milk powder from the inlet hopper and discharges into the open mouth bag attached to the fill spout.  The inflatable cuff allows for a dust tight connection between the bag and the packing machine.

powder bag packaging machine with open mouth bag fill spout

Powder bag packaging machine with open mouth bag fill spout

Features of the Milk Powder Bag Packing Machine

  • Type 304 stainless steel material contact parts, internally welded, welds ground and polished with #4 food grade finish on interior
  • Stainless steel frame or epoxy painted mild steel available
  • Product infeed hopper with quick removable front for cleaning and inspection
  • Fill spout designed for packaging of open mouth bags. Easy removal process for cleaning
  • Single or dual auger to convey powder at fast filling rates
  • Independent drive for internal agitator to provide constant powder flow.
  • NEMA 4x stainless steel control enclosures

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