Dust Collector for Chemical Blending

Dust Collector for Chemical Blending

Dust Collector for Chemical Blending

This Dust Collector was used at a Chemical Blending company to collect dust generated at the blender, extruders, scales and packaging.

This producer of batch chemicals, located in the Southeastern U.S., had been operating their process for several years without air pollution and dust control.

The company, known for its chemical blending technology, manufactures polymer stabilizers by combining several chemical ingredients inside a industrial mixer, then extruding the mixture an elevated temperature.  From the extruder, the bulk chemicals are weighed and packaged into drums or bags.  Dust is generated at various points in the process including at the mixer, extruders, scales and packaging operations.

Without a industrial dust collector, or baghouse, the dust became airborne causing poor indoor and outdoor pollution, a hazardous working environment, and loss of finished product.  The producer had also been addressing the problem by having their employees wear dust masks and by sweeping up the dust and dumping it into waste buckets.

A dust collector, or baghouse, was designed specifically for this producer to solve the dust problem.  An engineering company assisted with the design of the hoods and ductwork.  The new baghouse uses pleated bag collectors which minimizes space.  The unit also contained a blower and HEPA filter required for indoor air re-circulation.

Since installation of the dust collector, indoor air and working conditions have improved dramatically.  There are no more piles of dust on the floor, the air is cleaner, and product that was being lost is now being recovered.


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