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Small Vibratory Feeders

This batching system was custom designed for 7 types of carbon black. They are all simultaneously fed into individual weigh hoppers. Small vibratory feeders meter the carbon black into 16 cubic feet, net weigh hoppers supplied with air-operated, fast acting roller slide gates.

Carbon Black Batching SystemUpon discharge, an air-powered industrial vibrator cleans the weigh hopper before the gate closes. The batch is then transferred by belt conveyor to a 16 cubic feet confirmation (check weigh) hopper, where the final weight is either accepted or rejected. Accepted batches go directly into an industrial mixer. If a batch is out of tolerance, it is rejected via a pantleg diverter into a portable storage container at floor level.

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Ingredient Batching System with Bulk Bag Unloading

Ingredient Batching System with Bulk Bag Unloading

This minor ingredient batching system for rubber products consists of (13) small vibratory feeders and (3) 2-speed precision volumetric screw feeders, manufactured in 304 stainless steel. The selection of feeder type was accomplished via testing at the manufacturer’s facility. Each product was tested and the type of feeder selected for accuracy and flowability.

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Concrete Batching System

Powder blending of concrete products by weight

This powder blending system is used to mix dry ingredients by weight to create concrete products.  Once the ingredients are unloaded into the system, they are conveyed to an industrial mixer.

The equipment consists of a big bag unloader on tank-type load cells, a 50 pound bag dump station with self-contained dust collector, a twin motor vibratory 2-speed feeder with an inclined corrugated side wall, and a cleated belt conveyor. All equipment was designed for dust-tight operation.

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Bulk Bag Unloader System

Bulk bag unloader system

A bulk bag unloading system, containing (3) unloader stations, precisely dispenses additives into a blending and mixing system. Each station contains an over head rail with a powered hoist and trolley to lift the bag transport frame and bulk bag into each station.

Under the bulk bag is an untie hopper and delumper to remove any lumps before entering a vibratory feeder.  The feeder meters the powdered material into a pneumatic conveyor. The pneumatic conveyor then transfers the material to a weigh hopper located above the blending and mixing system.

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