Mixer with load cells used to condition cement kiln dust

Cement Kiln Dust Mixer under Surge Hopper

Cement kiln dust, or CKD, is the fine material transported by hot gasses inside a kiln to a collection filter.

A Texas Cement producer wanted to replace an existing, inefficient pug mill that was conditioning the collected dust before safe disposal in a landfill.  The producer needed to “wet CKD to a dustless powder” at a rate of 200 Tons Per Hour (TPH).  After testing a sample of the dust, the Dustmaster 200 TPH Series II mixer was selected to replace the existing pug mill.

The 200 TPH Series II is a batch mixer that includes load cells.  A batch of the cement kiln dust is loaded into the Series II from a surge hopper.  Next, a predetermined amount of water by volume is added to the dust at a controlled rate. By adding the water at a controlled rate, the process is able to limit the heat generated by the  exothermic reaction, and does not “over saturate” the dust with water. This also ensures that the ratio of water to cement kiln dust produced is consistent and can be easily reproduced for all future batches.  Since installation, the system has conditioned tens of thousands of tons of dust.

200 TPH Series II - Batch Mixer with Load Cells

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