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Sand Pump and Transport System for Reuse of Foundry Sand

This type of sand pump and transport system moves sand and other abrasive bulk solids in a discontinuous, dense-phase pneumatic conveying system. This type of movement can also be referred to as “slug flow”.

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Sand Pump & System for Reuse of Foundry Sand 2

In a project designed to reclaim and reuse foundry sand, a Pennsylvania foundry required two reliable and efficient sand transport systems.  The objective was to reduce operational costs by creating a mixture of new and reclaimed foundry sand for molding, while lowering waste disposal requirements.  The foundry’s investment in the sand pump system allowed this project to obtain significant immediate and long-term operational efficiencies.

Primary Objectives

  • Dependably transport a combination of new and reclaimed foundry sand
  • Minimal pipe and component wear, while transporting such an abrasive material as sand
  • Cost savings through efficient recycling of materials, as well as reduced energy and disposal costs

Basic Data

  • 2 low velocity transport systems with sand pumps
  • Single reception point for each line
  • 4-6 tons/hour at 105 ft.
  • 20 scfm air required for each line
  • Ambient temperature
Sand Pump under Foundry Sand Hopper

Sand pump under hopper

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