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OCC Screen Eliminates Wrapping, Binding, and High Maintenance Costs

Vibrating OCC Finger Screen

The vibrating OCC finger screen eliminates wrapping, binding, and other high maintenance costs associated with traditional disc screens and star screens used in recycling systems.  In the Sort 10 multi-stream sorting system, this type of OCC screen is used to remove large pieces of OCC, or old corrugated cardboard, from the waste stream before ballistic separation.  This allows for even more efficient sorting downstream.

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Vibrating OCC Finger Screen


  • Non-rotating design means less moving parts and less downtime
  • All drive components are external
  • Low horsepower drives reduce energy consumption and electricity costs
  • Sorted material does not wrap or bind
  • Vibrating motion provides size separation without fluffing the paper
  • Easy deck access for clean out

Custom OCC screen sizes are available to meet your requirements.

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