Sort and Separate Paper, Plastic & Glass for Recycling (Video)

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The Ballistic Separator can achieve up to 90% sorting efficiency regardless of weather or moisture.  This is better than a Disc Screen or Star Screen that can only achieve 80% to 95% sorting efficiency under ideal conditions such as warm weather, dry material (not baled) and a clean screen.

Worn discs or stars and cold weather can severely affect sorting performance.  The Ballistic Separator has Hardox steel cleats and Hardox sieve mesh paddles for lower maintenance and constant wear.

The Ballistic Separator has a lower angle of operation at 15 degrees vs 32 to 37 degrees for a Disc Screen or Star Screen.  Wet paper (damp, not saturated) easily goes up the Ballistic Separator due to more weight.  Rigid, plastic containers and bottles roll down the incline onto a conveyor.  Glass and fines fall through the sieve mesh paddles to a collection point below.

The Ballistic Separators require about 1/4 of the time to clean each day vs a Disc Screen or Star Screen…15 minutes vs 1 hour.

Separate Paper, Plastic and Glass for Recycling
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