Single Stream Recycling Systems

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Low Cost - Single Stream Recycling System

A cost effective single stream recycling system to process 8-10 tons per hour of single stream, commercial and office waste.  This type of system provides smaller recycling centers with limited amount of single stream material to also process commercial and office waste.


  • small footprint and no pits required
  • modular construction that allows for future expansion
  • process single stream and commercial / office waste with the same system

Operation of Single Stream Recycling System:

  1. Incoming waste is loaded into the automatic bag opener with a metering bunker.  The bag opener provides a consistent feed to the sorting system while allowing the loader to be used for other functions.
  2. For multi-stream sorting with large OCC, or with a high percentage of glass, a double deck vibratory Finger-Screen will accept material as it is discharged from the bag opener.  The finger-screen removes the larger OCC and other objects while simultaneously removing broken glass.  By removing the majority of broken glass up front, the system will have less wear and damage done to the downstream equipment.
  3. The ballistic separator then produces a 3 fraction separation on the incoming waste stream.  These sorted waste streams require minimal manual separation or optical sorting equipment to produce a high purity recyclable product that can be baled for shipment.
Single Stream Recycling System Diagram Single Stream Recycling System - Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma Glass and Fines Storage Bunker for Single Stream Recycling System

Tinsley Company provides sales representation for these types of single stream recycling systems in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana.

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