Shingles Recycling (video)

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Vibrating Finger Screen used for Shingles Recycling

Vibrating Finger Screen used for Shingles Recycling

Shingles recycling system to recycle residential asphalt shingles into a granular product for asphalt industry.  Before grinding the shingles, the wood, metal and trash are removed. The vibratory finger screen separates the asphalt shingles from the oversized metal and wood in the recycled material. The sorted shingles are fed to a picking belt conveyor and the oversized metal, trash and wood is sent to the land fill.

A vibrating finger screen uses a natural frequency drive system with a low horsepower motor.  The finger screen openings are sized to client requirements. Finger screen decks can be removed and replaced if needed. Feed end of the finger screen contains a loading deck where the material is metered into the finger screen area.

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