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Remove Glass, Containers, and other Contaminates from Recycled Paper

Remove Glass, Containers and Stones from Recycled PaperThis recycling system efficiently removes glass, containers, and other contaminates using a ballistic separator.  The result is a much cleaner paper product, lower maintenance issues, and lower overall costs for production for a recycling pulp mill.

Process Description:

  • Bales are fed into a bale dewiring machine. Wire is removed and paper is fed into transfer conveyor.
  • The transfer conveyor moves paper through a metering and storage bunker.
  • The bale breaker / metering drum breaks down the bales and moves the material onto the infeed conveyor.
  • The infeed conveyor transfers the paper to a ballistic separator.
  • The ballistic separator moves paper up the screen to the discharge end.  Glass, fines, and other small contaminates fall through the screen mesh on the paddles. Containers and other rigid materials are discharged onto a conveyor that moves them to a container for collection.

The system can be customized to recover ferrous materials, non-ferrous metals, and plastics for increased income streams.

Ballistic Separator Improves Quality of Recycled Paper

Ballistic Separator Video

Sort and Separate Paper, Plastic & Glass - Recycling

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