OCC Screen for Recycling Systems

OCC Screen for Recycling SystemsSeparate paper from cardboard boxes (OCC) and improve the quality of the paper product recovered.

The Paper-Sorter HT uses a patented crankshaft and paddles to separate paper types. This results lower maintenance, wrapping and binding when compared to traditional OCC disc screens.

OCC Screen - Papersorter DiagramPaper sorting process

  • loaded material is placed on the paddles in both vertical and horizontal conveying motion
  • the material is mixed thoroughly by vertical acceleration to achieve good sieving capacity
  • deinking material (paper with ink to be removed) and fine particles are separated through the sieve openings in the paddles
  • oversize cardboard material is transported to the end of the machine and discharged
  • crankshaft rotational speeds are adjustable
How an OCC Screen works in a recycling system

sieve mesh with wrap protectionFeatures

  • Ideal for fines/trash and cardboard sorting
  • Throughput ranges from 6 tons per hour up to 45 tons per hour
  • Rugged machine design for durable application, easy to maintain
  • Patented eccentric crankshaft
  • Rugged changeable bearings
  • Patented adjustable sieve openings with wrap protection
  • Machine comes in 3 widths with high and low housings
  • 1 deck or 2 deck configurations available
OCC Screens mounted high and lowOCC Screens in 1 deck and 2 deck configurations



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