Metering Bunkers

Metering Bunker for Recycling System

The metering bunker can be a part of the automatic bag opening system. Bagged recyclable material is loaded over the side of the hopper onto bunker floor. The bunker floor will move material at a rate set by the PLC controls to allow accurate metering of the material.  The bagged material is guided onto the metering chain conveyor and under the bag opener.

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The Bunker with Bag Opener Features:

  • automatic trash monitoring and anti-jamming protection
  • low maintenance, rugged metering chain conveyor
  • patented bag opener with no rotating shafts
  • automated bunker feeding with low maintenance moving bunker floor
  • control cabinet with PLC
  • low power consumption – only 17 to 23 HP
  • up to 240 yd³/h (24 – 36 tph) depending on material density
  • 95% bag opening efficiency
recycling system moving floor bunker storage chain conveyor for recycling system recyclable trash being loaded into bunker metering bunker and bag opener



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