Magnetic Separators

magnets for recycling systems

Magnets for recycling systems can remove ferrous materials such as rebar from conveyors efficiently and with lower maintenance. Overhead magnetic separators are suspended above belt conveyors.  They magnetically lift ferrous materials out of the recyclable product stream.  Separated steel objects are held against the magnet until removed.  Removal of the objects can be automatic, using a self-cleaning magnet, or it can be done manually using a stationary magnet.

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Magnets for Recycling

Magnets for Recycling

These magnets for recycling systems are wound with specialized anodized aluminum strap.  This lasts longer and generates more magnetism than any other magnet coil on the market.  Every turn is exposed to oil-cooling reducing coil hot spots that can cause burn-out.  These types of coils also don’t require insulation which means you get more turns fitting into the same size area.  This generates more magnetism and separating power.

Self-Cleaning, Continuous Removal Magnets

self cleaning magents for recycling

Self-Cleaning Magnets

For this type of magnet, a belt moves around the body of the magnet discharging ferrous metals from the magnetic zone.  Each belt consists of tough, vulcanized rubber with 3″ cleats specifically designed for material recycling facilities.


  • 10-Year warranty against coil burnout
  • Coil exceeds Class “H” insulation rating
  • Sizes to fit any belt width
  • Heavy duty belt is standard
  • Class II direct drive motor
  • Additional wear plate provides extra protection for the magnet impact area


  • Option of electric or hydraulic motor
  • Dust covers, belt & pulley guards
  • High temperature belt, MRF cleats
  • Hazardous location model available
  • Special voltages
  • Crossbelt deflector
  • Zero speed switch
  • CSA approved model available
  • Suspension systems – Turnbuckles, trolleys, wire rope
  • Solid Waste Magnetic Systems

Severe Duty Magnets

These types of magnets for recycling are designed for recycling of concrete, pallets and for construction and demolition.  The self-cleaning belt is armor-clad which prolongs belt life in applications with frequent impacts from sharp edge steel and from large quantities of other types of ferrous materials.  Full-width metal cladding is available as an option for cross belt applications. Individual plates or cleats can be easily replaced in the field, saving on belt replacement costs and reducing downtime.

heavy duty magnets for recycling

Severe Duty, self-cleaning magnet with armor-clad belt

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