How do I start a recycling facility?

  • Determine what materials you want to collect. Will it be Single Stream, Construction and Demolition waste, commercial waste or a combination of these waste streams?
  • Plan on where to get your material from. If you currently collect waste, then you have a good source for materials. If not, talk to your municipality and other local waste haulers.
  • Find buyers for sorted material.
  • Choose a location or select an area to set up your recycling center. This includes finding an existing building or constructing a new building with easy access for trucks to drop off and deliver. The building needs to have enough square footage for the sorting equipment, tipping floor/storage, and storage of baled separated materials. Height of the building is important to look at as well. Some recycling systems require 25-40 feet of clearance.
  • Gather the required permits from state and local agencies.
  • Select recycling equipment that will fit your needs.
  • Once you have selected the equipment, you can get financing approved if you need to borrow money. Some state or federal funding through grants may be available.
  • Advertise to make the public aware that you are in business and will collect materials to generate more waste to process.

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