Finger Screen

Finger screen for recycling systems

This recycling screen, or non-blinding Finger Screen, uses a vibrating and simple jam-proof movement for screening waste material. This type of screen prevents hang-ups which are common to conventional wire mesh screening surfaces.  Modular deck construction allows for easy deck replacement.

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How does a Finger Screen Work?

  • vibrating motion spreads material evenly across screen deck
  • multiple size separating decks enhance classification while staggered finger positions help to prevent material bypass
  • material cascades freely through the equipment with less “trapping” or blinding
  • glass breaking screen to remove abrasive glass at the front of the system without the use of a traditional disc screen

Finger Screen Features:

  • No blinding, trapping, plugging or hang-ups that could stop processing
  • Produces accurate sizing and even distribution of waste material
  • Low maintenance, less horsepower and fewer moving parts
  • These types of recycling screens can be custom designed to fit your application.
recycling screen or finger screen large recycling screen or finger screen medium size recyling screen screen for recycling office waste
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