Drum Magnets

drum magnetsDrum magnets are commonly used in the scrap metal and recycling industries. These rugged types of magnets have a heavy-duty manganese wear shell that protects against damage from large or sharp objects.  Easily separate ferrous materials from product flow streams that can then be fed to multiple machines include vibratory conveyors and vibrating screens.

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drum magnet recycling feed diagrams

Recyclable material can be fed to a deep draw drum magnet in any of the three ways illustrated above. The magnet can be adjusted to any of these positions to best accommodate the demands of your particular application.

This type of magnet was specifically engineered for the scrap processing market. Whether you’re processing white goods or other types of scrap, this separator’s triple pole design will tumble the attracted steel, cleaning it as it travels across the surface.

The result is purer steel with a higher resale value.

drum magnet used in recyclingelectro drum magnet


  • Rugged mounting frames
  • Custom veneers and cleats
  • Custom magnetic arcs (permanent magnet only)
  • Custom designs and applications for your needs


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