De-Stoner® Air Classifier

de-stoner air knife classifierThe De-Stoner recycling equipment uses vibratory action and high velocity / low pressure air stream to stratify and fluidize material according to difference in terminal velocity of particles.  This removes heavy items such as stones, glass, metallics, dirt, etc.  The De-Stoner can be adjusted for varying degrees of separation and is virtually jam-proof.  Energy requirements are very because of the single low HP motor and two-mass design.  Fully isolated design minimizes foundation requirements.

De-Stoner recycling equipment has been used successfully in separating and classifying applications that include:

  • C&D Recycling Systems
  • Shredded MSW
  • Shredded auto scrap fluff
  • Bio-mass fuel
  • RDF fuel
  • Other commingled materials

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de-stoner recycling equipment diagram

Single Knife De-Stoner

How the Single Knife De-Stoner works:

  1. Vibratory action moves material – high density material settles to the bottom of the trough
  2. Fines removal (optional) using drop out section – removes smaller particle sizes like broken glass or dirt before air fluidizer
  3. Air fluidizing section assists in stratifying material
  4. High velocity, low pressure air stream is directed through material flow
  5. Material conveys into air stream – heavier materials fall through air stream to discharge chute
  6. Marginal density material is caught on adjustable slope plate and falls back into discharge chute
  7. Lighter materials are carried beyond plate and move to product dicharge
  8. Ultra light or thin film materials like paper and plastic film are removed through air exhaust on stationary hood over discharge

Watch a Video:

de-stoner recycling equipment single knife de-stoner de-stoner removes glass, stones, dirt and fluff from reycling streams


Dual-Knife De-Stoner Air Classifier

This model separates material using two air knifes, instead of one.  This creates an even cleaner product for C&D recycling and other mixed, high volume material.  This results in very fast, efficient removal of heavy materials such as stones, metallics and glass from lightweight materials such as paper, plastics, wood and aluminum.

dual knife de-stoner recycling equipment dual knife de-stoner recycling de-stoner recycling equipment
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