Bag Openers

bag opener for recycling systemsBag openers for recycling systems open bags at 95% efficiency.  Meter material to the system and increase throughput.  Built in storage allows loader to be more versatile and perform other functions.

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  • Store material, meter material and open bags
  • High throughput of 4 to 24 tons per hour (with up to 240 cubic yards per hour)
  • Patented bag opening mechanism with no rotating shafts
  • 95% opening efficiency depending on material density
  • Automatic trash monitoring and anti-jamming protection
  • Automatic bunker feeding
  • Standard bunker sizes range from 25 to 60 cubic yards
  • Modular system design
  • Low maintenance conveying floor, rugged metering chain conveyor
  • 6.9 foot useful width with a low loading height
  • Control cabinet with PLC
  • Low power consumption only 17 to 23 HP
bag opener for recycling

Bag Opener

loading trash bags into recycling system

Loading waste into bunker

waste in bunker

Waste in bunker moving toward bag opener

less wrapping and no cleaning

Traditional bag opening systems require cleaning and unwrapping


  • Weighting system for throughput measurement
  • External hydrualics
  • External controls and monitoring
  • Auto lubrication system

System Components:

  • Conveying floor bunker storage
  • Metering chain conveyor
  • Bag opening mechanism
recycling system moving floor bunker storage

Conveying floor bunker storage

metering chain conveyor

Metering chain conveyor

bag opening mechanism

Bag opening mechanism

trash bag opening mechanism

Bag opening mechanism (top view)

after bag opener

Material flow after bag opener

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