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Metering Bunker and Storage System for Recycling Systems

Metering Bunker and Storage System for Recycling Systems

This metering bunker and storage system operates at the beginning of a recycling system. Incoming waste and recyclable materials are loaded into the bunker by the loader operator.  The bunker evenly feeds the material toward the automatic bag opener or conveyor using a moving floor and rotating drum.  Infeed rates are easily adjusted using the included control cabinet with PLC. Waste material can be fed through the bunker at rates up to 120 cubic yards per hour.

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Metering Bunker and Bin for Recycling Facilities


  • Large hopper storage capacity with low feed height
  • Hopper size is expandable to 130 cubic yards
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Low power consumption
  • Conveying floor system with overhead metering drum
  • Adjustable capacity of up to 240 cubic yards per hour
  • Can be custom designed to fit existing recycling systems
PLC controls for metering bin and storage system

PLC Controls for Adjusting Infeed Rate

Metering Drum for Bin

Rotating Metering Drum

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