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Separating Rocks from Waste Stream in C&D Recycling System

vibrating screen for construction demolition waste recyclingA U.S. recycling company required a more efficient sorting solution for the separation of construction and demolition waste.  The existing C&D recycling system was inefficient and could only process around 350 cubic yards of C&D waste.  This wasn’t fast enough to keep up with the incoming waste stream.

de stoner air classifier for construction demolition waste recyclingProposed enhancements to the existing system included a vibrating finger screen and a de-stoner air classifier, as well as other system enhancements to increase material throughput.

After this equipment was installed, the recycling system was able to process and separate heavy and light rocks at over 750 cubic yards per hour with reduced operating costs and maintenance.  This was double the existing processing capacity with increased efficiency.

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Vibrating Finger-Screen for Recycling

Single Knife DE-STONER® Air Classifier for C&D Recycling

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