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Commercial Waste Recycling System Increases OCC Recovery Rate

OCC-Recycling-at-Commercial-Waste-Recycling-SystemA commercial waste recycling system was designed to improve the recovery rate of OCC, or Old Corrugated Cardboard, at a transfer station. The owner was recovering OCC cardboard from a tipping floor processing mixed loads of commercial waste. Recovery of the OCC was a slow and dangerous process with sorters on the tipping floor.

A 250 yard per hour recycling system with vibratory screen was installed to improve the recovery rate of recyclable materials in the mixed waste stream.

  • Material is loaded onto an inclined conveyor to elevate and discharge waste onto a vibratory screen.
  • The oversized material is then metered onto the 72″ wide sorting belt (picking belt or sorting station).
  • Sorters pull out the OCC, metal cans, aluminum cans, PET, HDPE, and mixed paper.
  • The remaining residuals discharge off the end and are loaded into the haul trucks for landfill disposal.
  • If loads with a high volume of OCC and minimal contaminants were loaded into the system, the OCC would be negative sorted and loaded into the baler infeed conveyor.
Commercial Waste Recycling System with Picking Stations Recycling OCC - Commercial Waste Recycling System with Picking Stations

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