Vibrating Tables

air powered vibrating tables settle sludge solids in 55 gallon drumsAir-powered stainless steel vibrating tables are used to settle solids in sludge stored in 55 gallon steel drums.  The customer wanted to remove excess moisture from the solids.  Upon vibrating the drum, solids move to the bottom of the drum and the moisture is separated to the top of the drum where it can be removed before the lid is secured.

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Portable Low Profile Vibration Table

Portable Low Profile Vibration Table allows for insertion of boxes, bulk bags or other containers requiring densification. Unit is driven by an electric vibration motor mounted to side of table. Table is portable and can be moved around warehouse or plant site using a fork lift type truck. Top of table is covered with noise abatement rubber to reduce sound db level during densification.

Included as an option is control system to operate the Vibration Table. It is available in stainless steel.

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Compaction Table for Vibrating 55 Gallon or 30 Gallon Drums

This compaction table is designed for vibrating 55 gallon or 30 gallon drums.  It is constructed of 316 stainless steel to prevent corrosion and allow for wash down with water or chemicals.  In includes an industrial air-powered vibrating drive and four isolation springs.

Filled drum is placed on the vibrating compaction table.  Compressed air is activated via included control cabinet to power the pneumatic piston to vibrate and shake the drum.  This settles and mixes the contents of the drum. Unit is also available with an all-electric drive and control system.  View more vibrating and compaction tables here.

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automatic box or drum filling system with vibrating densifier

This Automatic Box or Drum Filling System with Vibrating Densifier can be a standalone station or used as part of an existing filling line.

Surge hopper feeds material into the electric powered vibrating feeder which meters the material into a box or drum located on the electric powered roller vibrating table. Box or drum is  vibrated or densified during filling. Load cells with a scale controller and controls operate the vibrating feeder and vibrating table.  These are included as part of the system. Additional powered roller conveyors are available.

Process description: Empty box or drum is indexed into the filling position. Vibrating feeders starts and meters material into the box or drum. During the filling process vibrating table starts to compact the material during the fill cycle. At set point weight the filled box is moved off the filling table.

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Semi-auto box filling system fills empty boxes with chopped metal fibers by weight.  These metal fibers are added to concrete to increase strength.

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Bulk Bag Filler with Wooden Pallet Dispenser

This Bulk Bag Filler with Wooden Pallet Dispenser automatically places an empty pallet under a bulk bag before filling. 14-16 pallets are loaded for staging into the pallet dispenser. Controls automatically remove the bottom pallet from the stack and place it below the bulk bag before filling occurs.

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Bulk Bag Filling System for Carbon Black Beads

Bulk Bag Filling System for Carbon Black Beads

This bulk bag filling system was used to fill bulk bags with carbon black beads.

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20 in x 20 in Vibrating Table

20 in x 20 in Vibrating Table

This Vibrating Table was custom engineered for a customer that manufactures filter media.  The flat deck vibrating surface measured 20 inches by 20 inches.  It was pneumatic, or air-powered, and was used to settle or densify activated carbon inside of canisters before packaging.  The vibrating table has a maximum load of around 200 pounds.

Activated carbon is also sometimes referred to as activated charcoal or activated coal.

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vibrating tables for powder compaction

vibrating tables for used for powder compaction in boxes

Eight industrial vibrating tables were used for resin powder compaction while filling boxes to desired weight of 55 pounds per box.

Requirement was for a packaging system to increase production in an existing plant. Customer wanted to reuse their existing packaging head to fill the boxes with a powdered resin material to a weight of 55 pounds per box. Eight vibrating tables were manufactured, with each table having a powered roller deck, load cells to weigh each box, and controls to automate the filling process.

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Client requested a vibrating table system to densify and remove air from a slurry mix in molds while manufacturing various types and colors of architectural stone.

Watch a Video

Video is an over-sized mold being processed across the vibrating belt conveyor system.

The masonry mix is prepared in a batch mixer and then poured by gravity into a prepared molds.

Prepared Stone Molds

Prepared Stone Molds

The molds are then conveyed by roller conveyor to a BPS vibratory belt conveyor.

The vibratory belt conveyor consists of two vibrating tables, which are flat on the top and are driven by two each vibratory motors located under the vibrating table. A flat rubber belt rides over the top of the two vibrating tables.

Vibrating Belt Conveyor

BPS Vibratory Belt Conveyor

The molds are conveyed on the rubber belt over the top of vibratory tables. The vibratory action causes the slurry mix to settle into the mold and entrained air is released from the slurry mix.

Molds after passing over vibratory belt conveyor

Molds after passing over vibratory belt conveyor

The frequency and the force of the vibrating tables is adjustable for each type of architectural stone being manufactured. The conveying rate of the belt is controlled by a variable frequency drive (VFD) which is included as part of the system.

Belt width and belt length is determined by the size and weight of the molds in use to manufacture the architectural stone. Process rate is determined by batch mixer.

Contact the Tinsley Company for more information and pricing for a vibrating table densifier table system.

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