Valve Bag Filling Machines

Valve Bag Filling Machine - Model 830 Paddle Flow Impeller AirView case studies and examples of Valve Bag Filling Machines below.

These types of machines are used to manually or automatically fill valve type bags with flaked / powdery / granular products using compressed air, impellers, augers or gravity fed spouts. The filling spout is totally enclosed during the fill cycle which minimizes spill and dust emissions.

Fill bags weighing 20 – 110lbs at rates of up to 12 bags per minute. Fill rates can increase up to 24 bags per minute depending on the type of material and number of valve bag filling machines.

What types of products can you fill valve bags with?

  • Agricultural products such as seed, grain, feed, fertilizer, wood pellets
  • Food products such as salt, flour, sugar, cocoa, cake mixes
  • Chemical products such as carbon black, TIO2, Iron Oxide, Zinc Oxide, Hydrated Lime, plastic pellets, fertilizer
  • Industrial minerals such as gypsum, bentonite, barite, garnet, graphite
  • Building materials such as plaster, sand, grout, stucco, concrete and cement

Automatically place, fill, and seal bags of flour products or baking mixes in a sanitary filling operation.

Using automation is a great way to reduce the operational costs of your bagging operation. Not only does it allow operators to accomplish other tasks, it also reduces the chance of repetitive motion injuries.

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Fertilizer Bagging Machine

Gravity Flow Open Mouth Bagger used to fill fertilizer bags

A fertilizer bagging machine, such as the Gravity Flow Open Mouth Bagger (GWB), fills open mouth bags with dry, free-flowing and minimally dusty fertilizer granules at a rate up to 5-8 bags per minute (300-480 bags per hour).  The bags most commonly used with this machine are an open top poly bag or a poly-lined paper bag.  The bags are filled to a 50-pound target weight.

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re-bagger model 250 auger style valve bagging machine

The CBE Model 250 Re-Bagger allows for recycling and repackaging of rejected material from existing open mouth and valve bags into valve bags. This bag filling machine is capable of filling up to 5 bags per minute.

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filling bags with linted cottonseed hulls

The volumetric auger bag filler with a high intensity densifier is used for filling bags with light weight fibrous materials such as linted cottonseed hulls, cedar fiber and synthetic fibers.

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The video below shows a robot that stacks filled 50 pound paper valve bags onto a wooden shipping pallet located on the floor per the programmed bag placement design.  This robot was added to an existing bag filling system to reduce labor costs.

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This flour bagging machine fills and seals valve bags at a rate of 3-4 bags per minute with good weight fill accuracy.  Filling can be mostly dust free with this type of flour, but dust collection is still recommended.  This is a proven design refined over many years to give users an accurate fill weight.  It is ergonomically designed to reduce repetitive motions and have a quick fill time with convenient access for maintenance.

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The CBE Model 730 Pressure Flow Air Valve Bag Filling Machine is used for bagging mineral powders, mortar mixes and food products into valve bags with internal spouts.  Types of powders can include cement powder, specialty chemical powders, bentonite, barite, sodium bicarbonate, limestone powder and mortar mixes.  This bagging machine can also be used for food products.

Watch a Video:

The operator, or robot, places the valve bag onto the filling spout.  Then, compressed air forces the powder material from a hopper above the bagging machine into the bag.  When the valve bag is filled to a desired weight, it drops away onto a take away conveyor.

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Watch a video and to learn How to Remove a Conveying Auger from a Valve Bag Filling Machine Machine.

how to remove auger on auger bag filler machine

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The Robotic Bag Palletizer can place valve bags and open mouth bags at a rate up to 30 bags per minute and is capable of placing pallets and slip sheets on pallets.  It is ideal for handling multiple product lines at the same time.  It can be designed around your plant layout with our standard bag filling line components.

Robotic Bag Palletizer

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Semi Automatic Pallet Loading System quickly loads and stacks filled valve bags and open mouth bags on standard wooden shipping pallets at speeds up to 18 BPM.

semi automatic pallet loader for valve bags and open mouth bags

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