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Recycling Systems

bag opener for recyclingThis bag opener is specially designed for recycling systems and facilities. It can open bags with 95% efficiency.  It uses a patented bag opening mechanism with no rotating shafts to open bags found in single stream/co-mingled, MSW, and waste paper.  It also has a built in storage bunker that automatically feeds recyclable material evenly toward the bag opening mechanism.  The storage bunker is low profile for easy loading and can range in size from 25 to 60 cubic yards capacity.

material from opened trash bags

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Ballistic Separator - low maintenance alternative to disc screens
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Are you looking to replace your disc or star screens? Do these screens have to be cleaned regularly, slowing down your recycling system?

The ballistic separator can solve these types of problems for you because it is the most efficient, low maintenance, 3 fraction separator for plastic, glass and paper available on the market today.

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Roof shingle recycling systemThis recycling system processes roof shingles into a granular product that is used in the production of asphalt.  Before grinding the shingles, wood, metal, and trash are removed. A vibrating finger screen separates the asphalt shingles from the oversized metal and wood in the material. A magnetic separator removes the tramp metal. The processed shingles are fed to a picking belt conveyor. The oversized metal, trash, and wood is sent to a landfill.

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MRF Recycling System

New recycling equipment was installed at a materials recovery facility, or MRF, owned by Tulsa Recycling and Transfer of Tulsa, Oklahoma.  Prior to installation, the customer was manually sorting 10-12 bales of old corrugated cardboard, or OCC, per day. The new recycling equipment was designed to recover more of the old corrugated cardboard, but also recover plastics, metals, paper print, wood, and non-ferrous metals at higher rates.

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