shredded ground up wood shipping pallets conveyor belt

Wooden shipping pallets are shredded or ground up and are conveyed to a storage pile using a belt conveyor.  An overhead self-cleaning magnet can be used over the belt conveyor to remove tramp metal, staples and nails before the material is fed onto the pile.  The magnet can be designed to fit conveyor belt width and speed.

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magnetic drum inside housing

Magnetic Drum Separator removes ferrous metal from dry, free-flowing bulk solids. Drum Separator is self-cleaning and available with housing or as the magnetic drum only.

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Eddy Current Separator achieves up to 97% metal recovery rates from waste streams in MRFs, C&D, Auto Shredding, Glass Removal Operations, Electronics Recycling and more. Remove non-ferrous metals such as aluminum and copper using high-grade, Rare Earth permanent magnets. The magnetic rotor can be designed with different pole configurations based on the size of the metal to be recovered. The unit features heavy duty construction with a carbon fiber shell to minimize burnout. There are Stainless Steel sleeves on all rotors, variable rotational speeds and belt heights, removable side plates for easy access and maintenance, lifting eyes for easy installation and a low profile design.

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These Rotary Grate Magnets remove ferrous metal from dry powders and other bulk processed products that have difficult flow characteristics and a tendency to bridge and choke when using traditional, stationary tube style magnetic separators. Sizes range from 8″ x 8″ to 18″ by 18″ outlets with custom designs available to fit exact application requirements.

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large tube magnet for paper recycling

This Large Tube Rare Earth Magnet is being used inside a Paper Recycling Stream. It is a drawer magnet that was installed after the paper shredding step inside of the stream. The magnets catch stray nuts or bolts before they reach downstream grinding equipment. They also collects metallic fines to ensure a metal-free paper product. Removal of collected metals is accomplished using the EZ-Clean and Self-cleaning design on the unit.

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The Overhead Drum Magnet is designed to remove ferrous metal from waste streams. The waste stream is conveyed using a vibratory feeder. As the material passes under the overhead drum magnet, the ferrous metal is removed and the non-ferrous material is conveyed off the end of the vibratory feeder.

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Removing Rebar from Crushed Concrete Using a Magnet

A large, self-cleaning suspended overhead magnet was used to remove rebar from crushed concrete inside a concrete recycling system.

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Waste wire is brought into a recycling center as baled or loose wire.

Wire is placed on a conveyor and travels to a shredder where it is ground up and shredded into small pieces.  This separates the insulation from the wire.

The shredded pieces are conveyed under inline self-cleaning overhead magnet.  The magnet removes metallic shredded wire pieces from the conveyor and drops them into a container below.

The remaining non-metallic pieces are conveyed to a separate container for collection and disposal.

Wire Recycling using Self Cleaning Magnet

Self-cleaning Magnet Used for Wire Recycling

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Rotating Magnet

Rotating Magnet

This rotating magnet, or magnetic drum, is used to remove ferrous metal from sand, free flowing bulk powders, crumb rubber and more.

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A vibratory screen with two decks was built for a manufacturer of high density colorants used for plastic injection molding.  They required the vibratory screen to remove longs and fines from the pellet product flow. A second concern was to ensure that no ferrous particles like metal nuts, washers, bolts, or other foreign items got into the finished product that would damage their customer’s expensive plastic injection molding machines.

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