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Chemical Blending and Batching System

Chemical Blending and Batching System
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This chemical blending and batching system was used for the toll blending of powder chemicals including calcium carbonate.  The final blended product was to be automatically packaged into bulk bags using a bulk bag filler.  It could also be packaged into smaller valve bags using a valve bag filling machine.

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These Industrial Mixers are designed to mix difficult and abrasive materials such as Fly Ash, Cement Dust, Heavy Metals, Frac Sand Additives, Oil Drilling Fluids, Bentonite, Barite, Iron Ore, Minerals and Color Pigments. Five Industrial Mixer models are shown in the presentation with varying heights, capacity and output. Produce a uniform material in as little as 30 seconds with as little as 8% water or other reagent. An 86,000 square foot facility and $3.5 million inventory of parts keep you up and running…97% of parts orders are shipped within 24 hours. Made in the U.S.A.
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Bulk Bag Unloading Stations for Batching System

Bulk Bag Unloading Stations

This batching system was built for a manufacturer of engineered refractory products.  They required an automated system to batch and mix seven ingredients.  The customer had five existing exterior storage hoppers which where retrofitted with new feed screw conveyors. The new screw conveyors transported their product into a five-ingredient net weigh hopper. In addition to the materials fed into the net weigh hopper, there are two Loss-of-Weight Bulk Bag Unloading stations which are able to simultaneously feed the desired amount of material. Both the net weigh hopper and the Loss-of-Weight Unloading stations feed onto a collection conveyor for transport to the existing industrial mixer.

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Specialty designed concrete batching system for concrete powdered products by weight, into a mixer. The components consist of a Bulk Bag Unloader on tank-type load cells, a 50 lb. Bag Dump Station with self-contained Dust Collector, a Twin Motor Vibratory, 2-Speed Feeder and an inclined corrugated side wall, cleated belt conveyor. All items were designed for dust tight operation.

The concrete batching system incorporates a custom software control package for “LOW” Loss of Weight batching. Batches up to 1500 lbs. are weighed with an accuracy of +/- 1 lb. A “refill pause” program enables removal of an empty bulk bag when a low level indication light is energized. Small 50 lb. bag additions or less, are hand-added at the Bag Dump Station. The system was factory tested and demonstrated to customer for their acceptance, prior to final shipment.

Concrete Batching System

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Mineral Processing Mixers are designed for abrasive and difficult to mix minerals.

Dustmaster mixers are designed to handle this severe abrasive environment during processing, mixing and blending.

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Cement Kiln Dust Mixer under Surge Hopper

Cement kiln dust, or CKD, is the fine material transported by hot gasses inside a kiln to a collection filter.

A Texas Cement producer wanted to replace an existing, inefficient pug mill that was conditioning the collected dust before safe disposal in a landfill.  The producer needed to “wet CKD to a dustless powder” at a rate of 200 Tons Per Hour (TPH).  After testing a sample of the dust, the Dustmaster 200 TPH Series II mixer was selected to replace the existing pug mill.

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