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Bulk Bag Unloaders

Bulk Bag Unloader with Reusable Bulk Bags

Unloading Big Bags Containing Drilling Mud and Additives

This bulk bag equipment unloads big bags containing drilling mud and additives and dispenses them into an industrial mixer.  The equipment is located on an offshore drilling rig.

The bulk bags take the place of traditional 50 pound bags, which required excessive manpower and time to open and feed into the educator system. They also allow for quicker unloading time and are reusable.  After use, they are returned to shore for cleaning and refilling.

The bulk bag unloader is designed to support up to 7,500 pound bulk bags.  Compressed air is used for all of the controls, as well as for the bag hoist and trolley.  This eliminates any electrical devices on the entire system.

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