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Screening Frac Sand

Derrick® Stack Sizer®

The Derrick Stack Sizer is a high capacity, multiple deck, wet screening machine capable of high capacity wet screening in a small footprint. A single slurry input is equally divided in a Derrick flow divider prior to the Stack Sizer.  Each screening deck then makes a particle size separation on the Derrick Poly Web Urethane screen surfaces. The undersized fraction is collected from all decks in a common manifold to a single discharge. The oversize fraction is collected in the large hopper and discharged to a common point.

frac sand screening equipment - multi deck wet screening machine


  • Process up to 150 tons per hour per Stack Sizer
  • Low operating cost
  • Low horse power (5HP total) for each Stack Sizer
  • Polyweb® urethane screen surfaces typically last 8-10 months or longer thus reducing employee exposure to silica dust
  • Minimal dynamic loading for support structure
  • Rubber and urethane lined hoppers and feed boxes for long life
  • U100 urethane coating sprayed on vibrating screen frame to protect against abrasive sand
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4x8 frac sand trash screen removes organics and oversized sand

Scalping Screen

The Derrick Linear Motion screen is a high capacity trash or scalping screen capable of processing high volumes of dilute slurry with low percentage of oversized solids. The pumped slurry enters the stationary feed box to reduce the slurry velocity and discharge on to the Polyweb® urethane screen surface. The slight incline of the screening surface creates a fluid pool at the feed end of the vibrating screen surface.  The counter rotating high g-force vibrators cause the oversize solids to convey forward out of the fluid pool and discharge off the end of the screen surface. The pressure from the fluid pool enhances the passage of fines and water though the high open area screen surface to discharge in a collection hopper under the vibrating screen surface.

Expected Capacity is up to 200 tons per hour.

Works for removing organics from slurry as well as oversized sand.

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clean aggregate and sand processing wastewater

Derrick® Fines Recovery System

Dewater and recover fines from aggregate and sand processing wastewater WITHOUT the use of expensive polymers or chemicals.

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MP Screen Panels

Derrick MP screen panels are constructed from a special high temperature polyurethane material. They are a direct replacement for the traditional wire mesh panels currently used in the Rotex MegaTex screeners. These panels have a tapered opening to greatly reduce blinding issues commonly experienced with wire mesh panels. Because of the reduced blinding, increases in the screen production rate can be increased over wire mesh panels. Typical life span is greater than 6 months. Panel sizes are available for typical Frac sand production.

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