Food Coating & Seasoning Machines

Peanut Coating Machine Uses Electrostatics to Add Seasoning

Food coating and seasoning machines use electrostatic technology to evenly coat foods with seasoning and flavoring.  Apply powders, flavors, coatings, vitamins, spices and oils to a wide range of food and pharmaceutical products.  Design and implement a complete food coating system using custom and specific vibratory feeders, screw feeders, bag filling machines, conveyors and palletizing systems.  All food coating and seasoning machines are manufactured to the specialist food and industry standards.

Electrostatic Coating System for Cheese Processing Flavoring 1


  • Dramatic reduction in amount of powder necessary for coatings
  • Improved product consistency
  • High energy efficiency with a cleaner working environment
  • Quick return on investment using reliable proven technology

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Powder Coating Cereals with Flavoring Using Electrostatics

Cereal and Snack Food Coatings

Electrostatic technology flavors and coats breakfast cereals such as flakes, granola, oats, and nutty and crunchy cereals.  It is also used to flavor snack foods such as pretzels, chips, popcorn, nuts, puffs and cookies. The benefits of using electrostatics during these types of food production processes include:

  • Up to 98% coating of all cereals and snacks
  • Less powder usage and reduced input costs
  • Less dust released into the production facility
  • Easy to change product lines
  • Ideal for liquid and powder flavorings and coatings


remove starch powder build up cheese processing line

Cubed and Shredded Cheese Coatings

Electrostatic systems can also be used to almost completely remove the build up of starch powder in cheese processing lines.  It also reduces the amount of powder in the air during the application process.  The process results in a 100% product coating with less waste.

The two most popular cheese coating systems are designed to atomize dry spices and create an electrostatic charge on the powder as it leaves the vibratory tray feeder, which is angled and pointing toward the cheese products that are being coated.  It is typically used to add powder onto grated cheese, as well as to add dry flavorings onto cubed cheese.

add flavoring to pet food dog food biscuits

Pet Food Seasoning

Electrostatic equipment and coating machines are also being used to evenly coat dry pet foods with seasonings and powders.  This is being applied to pet foods such as cat food, bacon and dried meats, dog treats and pelleted feeds.  As with the cereal and snack food coating processes, this results in up to 98% coating of all products with less powder usage.  It is ideal for powder enhancer applications applied to biscuits, dry pellet foods and chews.

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