Skip Hoists and Other Equipment

Skip hoists and other equipment for dust conditioning, dust processing and industrial mixing applications.

Bottom Dump & Roll Over Skip Hoist Designs

Bottom Dump & Roll Over Skip Hoists

  • heavy duty, all welded construction, 60 degree incline
  • 20 feet of extra heavy 6″ ship channel. Manufactured to fit plant needs.
  • direct drive gearbox connected to the head shaft.  78 feet per minute travel speed.
  • 2 heavy duty steel cables for even lifting with eccentric loads
  • 2 special grooved spools prevent cable climbing and flattening
  • 230/460 dual voltage, 3ph, 60hz, TEFC motor
  • steel bucket rollers with graphite bearings never leave the track
  • all welded bucket with bottom discharge gate
  • high-grade machinery enamel paint in different colors

Applications for Skip hoists:

  • Charge mixers
  • Raise barrels
  • Load material
  • Pick up containers
  • Scrap metal lifting and moving
  • Grain movers

The capacities for skip hoists range from 10 cubic feet to 100 cubic feet.

Skip hoists with small footprint

Space-saving skip hoist design

Belt & Screw Conveyors

Select from pneumatic and standard belt, cleated belt and pocket belt designs to mach available space and material handling needs.


Choose from integrated PLC and PC process control to remote stations and individual machine controls.

Silos & Hoppers

Choose from a wide variety of storage configurations to match individual needs.  Custom designs and special anti-corrosion materials available.

Weighing Devices

Options include accurate load cell weighing and control system plus a wide range of measurement and signal / alarms.

Gates & Chutes

Butterfly charge and discharge gates, hand-operated rack and pinion knife gates and charge and discharge chutes, and more.

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