Planetary Mixers

Planetary Mixers

Planetary Mixers

  • Planetary Mixers featuring a pan style mixer with counter rotating mixing arms to mix wet or dry material
  • homogenous mix can be achieved in as little as 30 seconds
  • a fast, efficient mix with paddles made for mixing concrete products, glass, refractables, cement powders, fly ash, foundry sands, powdered metals, cement kiln / bag house dust and more
  • low maintenance, high performance
  • options available for every application

The only planetary mixer designed and manufactured in the U.S.A. 

  • All mixers and systems are custom designed and built to order.
  • Your mixer system will be shipped without the delays encountered with European-made equipment.
  • A $3.5 million inventory of parts minimizes downtime when wear items need to be replaced.

Available Models

Planetary mixers include the following models:  PM .5, PM 1.0-PM 1.5 and PM 2.0-PM 4.0

Each has highly-efficient, counter-current mixing paddles to mix the materials from top to bottom for thorough blending.  The offset path of the paddles completely covers the mixer floor to eliminate dead zones of unmixed material.  An open mixing tank permits a lower material level for easier mixing of powders and water.  The result is a fast, quality mix, batch after batch.

Optimized Paddle Design

The optimized paddle design accelerates the planetary mixing process.  Depending on the mixer size, each mixing spider is equipped with two or three paddles to move more material per revolution.  The paddles are shaped to produce an efficient lift-and-fold mixing action.  Long-lasting urethane guards increase the lifespan of the steel mixing arms, which can be easily adjusted from outside the mixer.

planetary mixers paddles

Low Maintenance, High Performance

V-belt drive on one cubic yard and larger models provides shock absorption on start up.  The planetary-style gearbox is sealed against contamination.  When the gearbox does need to be serviced, it can be removed conveniently through the top of the planetary mixers.  Abrasion-resistant, cast Ni-hard paddles are 600 Brinell hardness and formed with extra metal at the top to protect the arms from wear.  AR  steel floor and wall liners are replaceable and interchangeable; harder materials are also available.  Hinged access doors around the entire outside of the mixer ease cleanup and service.

Industrial Mixing Applications include:

  • concrete products such as blocks, pavers, pipe, precast, cast stone, manufactured stone, dry bagged concrete, Redi-Mix, GFRC, polymer / latex concrete, lightweight concrete panels, self-compacting concrete
  • glass manufacturers
  • refractories
  • low and high cement castable
  • pollution and dust control industries
  • waste disposal and dust conditioning, including fly ash, foundry sands, powdered materials, cement kiln and bag house dust, dry chemicals, sludge



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