Industrial Extractor & Split Flow Magnets

industrial extractor and split flow magnetsIndustrial Extractor and Split Flow Magnets are designed for tramp metal removal in high volume dry bulk processing applications. They are continuous operation, powerful parallel permanent magnets.

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Extractor Magnets

  • material enters through inlet and passes over diverter that angles material toward magnets
  • ferrous metal is held in place by strong magnetic field
  • EZ-clean stripper drawer helps to easily remove collected metal from the housing
  • Air-actuated self cleaning unit for automated or remote cleaning is also available

extractor and split flow magnetsSplit-Flow Magnets

  • provides excellent separation for free-falling or choke flows in vertical chute applications
  • 3 magnetic contact points offer excellent attraction and holding power
  • material flow is split by center wedge magnet and diverts stream towards two extra high intensity parallel magnets
  • manual and self-cleaning options available

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