Industrial Eddy Current Separators

eddy current separatorsIndustrial Eddy Current Separators are used for UBC (beverage can) and other types of recovery in MRF’s, C&D, Incineration, Auto Shredding, Electronics Recycling.

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Eddy Current Separators

  • high recovery rates (97%) and low operating costs
  • models vary by number of magnetic poles
    • 8 pole unit commonly used for UBC (beverage can) recovery
    • 12 & 16 pole units are used to recover smaller metallic particles
  • high grade rare earth magnets
  • variable speed motor for rotor and belt
  • carbon fiber shell minimizes ferrous burnout
  • compact, low-profile design perfect for retrofit
  • +/- 1% of out throws in your clean aluminum
  • custom sizing and options available

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