Dome Valve

This patented Dome Valve, or pneumatic conveying valve, is designed to open and close with a tight pressure seal where abrasive materials are being conveyed.  The valve is capable of closing and sealing through static columns of material in most circumstances. This type of dome valve with an inflatable seal lasts much longer especially when conveying abrasive materials. More than 100,000 Dome Valves are being used in almost every country in the world.

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Dome Valve or Pneumatic Conveying Valve

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Abrasive Materials – The inflatable seal on the Dome Valve provides continuous wear compensation.  This is especially important if your process contains slurries, bulk powders, granules, lumps or dust-laden gases that cause valve seat erosion and ineffective closure.  The Dome Valve and inflatable seals are manufactured in a wide range of materials.  Material coating such as Teflon, Tungsten Carbide and other coatings can also be applied to increase wear resistance and improve chemical compatibility.

Pressure Differential – Pressure differential also causes accelerated seat wear in conventional seat valves.  The inflatable seal provides continuous wear compensation.

High Temperature – Expansion due to high temperature also prevents consistent valve seat action.  The inflatable seal also provides continuous compensation up to temperature ranges of 662F or (350C).

Close and Seal – Seal protection and dome scraper ring remove particles adhering to the dome surface that affect seal performance.

Reliability – The patented and proven design of the Dome Valve outperforms traditional pneumatic conveying valves.

Fly Ash Diverter Valve or Dome Valve

Dome Valve and Controls

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