Controlveyor Injection System

Dense phase pneumatic conveyors move materials quickly using low-velocity pressured air. Compared to dilute phase pneumatic conveying, dense phase units require less overall air consumption, and their low-velocity air stream results in less damage and subsequent maintenance requirements. The units outlined below work by creating pressure differentials using compressed air (or other gases), transferring materials through airflow (what is commonly referred to as pneumatic conveyance).

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The Controlveyor is designed with the pressure balance capability to ensure flow accuracy even when handling variable process back pressure. These pneumatic conveyors are available with two different process design options, depending on intended application and process requirements: continuous inject or batch injection.

Units feature a unique injection system, which is proven to have an injection accuracy by volume of +/-3%. This rate applies even when taking into account changing backpressure. On each unit, a bespoke control system is designed to suit the end user’s specific processing requirements.


Controlveyor Pneumatic Conveyor

Controlveyor Pneumatic Conveyor


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