Ashveyor pneumatic conveyors are designed to handle ash and other combustion by-products (including coal ash, steel smelter dust ash, and BIOMASS ash). The unit’s unique design is optimized to coordinate multiple feed points, handling baghouses and up to 10 ESP feeds on a single pneumatic conveying line. The fully enclosed conveying system is designed to prevent dust spillage, an important measure of environmental responsibility.

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The small unit size of the Ashveyor makes it ideal as a retrofit solution for existing systems. The ability to coordinate multiple feedpoints with a single conveying line makes it possible to drastically reduce an operation’s piping requirements, thus saving both capital and operating costs. System boasts a set of simple and straightforward controls, and operates on an as-needed basis.

View Ash Conveyor Systems blog article for full description of how the Ashveyor works.


Pneumatic Conveyor: Ashveyor

Pneumatic Conveyor: Ashveyor


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