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Ballistic Separator Video

Ballistic Separator - low maintenance alternative to disc screens

Are you looking to replace your disc or star screens? Do these screens have to be cleaned regularly, slowing down your recycling system?

The ballistic separator can solve these types of problems for you because it is the most efficient, low maintenance, 3 fraction separator for plastic, glass and paper available on the market today.

Flat, flexible cardboard, plastic film, and paper are carried over the top of the paddles to the front of the machine.  Rigid, three dimensional plastic (PET) and metal containers roll down the paddles and exit at the back of the machine.  The third fraction, sorted by the ballistic separator, falls through the sieve mesh of the paddles.  The material moving through the mesh is nominally a minus 2 inch sizing, to ensure minimal loss of recyclables.  Other sieve mesh sizes are also available.

how ballistic sorting works in recycling

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