Construction & Demolition Recycling System (video)

in Conveyor Systems, Magnets, Recycling Systems, Vibrating Screens

Construction and demolition recycling system that maximizes separation efficiency and volume while reducing manual sorting requirements and maintenance.

This large capacity system is located at a construction and demolition business.  It replaces an existing smaller system which could not efficiently handle the large volume of waste and debris.

Waste and debris are dumped onto a vibrating finger screen that separates the over-sized materials from the “heavies” such as concrete, masonry, stones, rocks and ferrous materials.  The over-sized materials are sent to an existing picking platform that consists of four bunkers.  The heavies are sent to a different part of the system that first removes the ferrous materials using a large overhead magnet.  Then the remaining “heavies” are sorted by size and moved to the collection points using conveyors.


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