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Vibratory Indirect Coolers

Vibrating Indirect Cooling Conveyor System

Vibrating indirect cooling conveyor used to cool thermally treated hazardous waste from 600 degrees F to 200 degrees F using water as the cooling medium. The vibrating cooling conveyor is 5 foot wide by 50 foot long.

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Indirect Cooling Vibratory Spiral System

These indirect cooling vibratory spirals incorporate very long cooling lengths and large surface areas for extended residence time for cooling of air sensitive granular solids, such as: rubber crumb granular chemicals products food products such as rice The large spiral vibratory conveyors incorporate the manufacturer’s variable rate, tow mass, natural frequency drive technology to allow […]

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Indirect Cooling Conveyor System for Catalyst Operation in Oklahoma

An indirect cooling vibratory conveyor is used to cool regenerated catalyst from 3000 degrees F to 300 degrees F. This is done using 180 degree F cooling water obtained from a previous cooling step in the regenerative process.

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