Crushers can include one and two roll crushers, roll mill crushers and a cage mile crusher called the Cage Paktor. The one and two roll crushers can be used for crushing coal, coke, limestone, minerals and salt. Roll mill crushers are used for fine grinding of salt, limestone and catalysts that are powdery materials used to make reactions occur more quickly in chemical plants. The cage mill, or Cage Paktor, is used to crush even finer, powdery materials such as salt used for water softeners, minerals, industrial coke and furnace coke.

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Power Plant Coal Crusher for Less Fines

This coal crusher is a single stage, two roll crusher installed in a power plant. It was selected to replace a large hammer mill crusher that was generating too many fines for the coal fired boiler. Power Plant Coal Crusher for Less Fines was last modified: February 21st, 2013 by Grant Rice

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Coal Ash Crusher

A coal ash crusher consisting of a double roll, single stage ash crusher is positioned at the discharge of the ash hopper.  The ash is to be used in a coal fired power plant burning Powder River Basin coal.  The ash from the collector is required to be crushed and delumped before entering the pneumatic […]

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Vibrating Transfer Feeders at Aggregate Plant

Five vibrating feeders are used in a reclaim system to transfer pre-crushed quarry stone from storage onto a take away belt conveyor. Each vibrating feeder is mounted on the bottom of a receiving hopper. Vibrating Transfer Feeders at Aggregate Plant was last modified: August 1st, 2011 by Grant Rice

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Mobile Crusher for Green Pet Coke

Single stage, two roll, mobile crusher located on a mobile car that is mounted on rails. The mobile crusher is designed to crush green petroleum coke, or “pet coke”,  discharging from the coking drum during cutting. Coke flows from the drum, through the mobile crusher and into a sluice way ( dewatering screen ) and […]

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Two Stage Coal Crusher

Gundlach double roll, two stage coal crusher for the crushing and size reduction of coal. Crusher uses four rolls…two  crusher rolls on upper section of the housing  and two  rolls on the lower section of the housing for two stages of crushing. Each set of crushing rolls uses a drive motor and a gear box. […]

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Cage Mill Crusher – used to crush and size Wet Salt before drying

Cage mill crusher was required by a client that wanted an efficient method to crush and size wet salt before drying. First, wet salt from production is screened. Then, the over-sized material is precisely metered into a Gundlach Cage-Paktor® cage mill to produce a fine product.  This is added to the unders from the initial […]

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Primary Crushing of Limestone

A Gundlach two stage double roll limestone crusher on a movable in-pit limestone crusher that eliminates long truck hauls in a southern U.S. plant. The all electric plant is skid mounted and combines primary and final crushing in one unit (two stages of crushing). This technology can be applied to any industrial mineral mining application. […]

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Mobile Petroleum Coke Crusher System

Receiving hopper and crusher runs alongside a petroleum coke pit on rails and receives petroleum coke from an overhead clamshell bucket. Up to 36 inch diameter lumps drop into the receiving hopper that contains slotted grizzly bars with plus 12 inch material being returned by gravity to the deck. A vibrating feeder located below the […]

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