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Conveyor Systems

Individual conveyor systems range from light to heavy-duty, with stabilizer arms specifically engineered for different weight and use categories. Manufacturer has developed conveyors for a wide array of applications, including sand, coal, ash, ore, castings, molds, recycling and more.

Filled Bag Heat Sealing System

Simple, economical Bag Sealing System allows a single operator to fill and heat seal up to four (4) plastic or foil bags per minute. The Bagging System includes 8′ wide belt type Bag Closing Conveyor,  clamp type heat sealer with mounting pedestal and variable speed bag indexing controls to control the speed of the filled […]

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Bulk Bag Unloading to Valve Bag Filling

This Bulk Bag Unloading system unloads bulk bags containing fine powders and conveys them to a Valve Bag Filling machine for packaging and stacking.

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Dual / Side-by-Side Valve Bag Packing Machine

Dual or side-by-side valve bag packing machine automatically fills valve bags with powdered or small granular materials.  This includes material such as finish cement, bentonite, barite, fertilizers, frac sand, powdered limestone, gypsum, powdered iron ore, oil drilling chemical powders, titanium dioxide and more.

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Bulk Bag Unloader for Crumb Rubber

This Bulk Bag Unloader meters and unloads crumb rubber from 2000 lb bulk bags with a maximum height of 72″.

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Industrial Vibration Motors

Industrial Vibration Motors for use on bulk processing equipment such as vibrating feeders, conveyors, vibrating tables, screens, bulk bag fillers, bulk bag unloaders and more. 53 different models available Frequency ranges include:  3600 RPM, 1800 RPM, 1200 RPM, 900 RPM Horsepower Ranges:  1/50 to 17-1/2 HP Force Outputs from 30 lbs to over 40,000 lbs […]

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Bulk Bag Unloading with Screw Conveyor for Calcium Carbonate

This is a bulk bag unloading system manufactured for the largest U.S. plastics compounding manufacturer, based in Texas. The system shown is designed to discharge and convey Calcium Carbonate with a bulk density of 30 to 80 pounds per cubic foot at flow rates of 9,000 pounds per hour.

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Construction & Demolition Recycling System (video)

Construction and demolition recycling system that maximizes separation efficiency and volume while reducing manual sorting requirements and maintenance.

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Vibratory Rebar Conveyor

Short cuts or drops from a steel mill producing reinforcing bars, square and round stock, are dropped from the hot bar shear onto two vibratory conveyors. The conveyors move the short cuts of rebar away from the shearing table into portable roll away containers. The collected cuts are then recycled back to the electric arc […]

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