Bulk Bag Unloader

2500 pound capacity bulk bag unloader

2500 pound capacity bulk bag unloader

Choose a bulk bag unloader that fits your application:

2500 lb Capacity Bulk Bag Unloader

Economical Unloaders for Fork Truck or Crane Loading
Model MTU-2500
2500 lb. Capacity

The most economical unloader available, with all the appropriate safety and dust control features included. All unloaders are provided with one transporter frame which is placed into the upper support frame, BSF, via fork truck or hoist. Untie is accomplished via the dust controlled access door. Air cylinders provide the necessary agitation for controlled unloading.  120″ overall height with a 60″ high bag and 36″ outlet elevation.

A 3″ diameter dust take-off port is provided at the rear of the unloader untie hopper. A pre-punched Unistrut frame provides full adjustment for varying bag heights and varying customer outlet elevations.

Standard controls are a manually operated valve and a filter or regulator control.   Auto controls with timer or level control are optional, to signal paddle agitation.

2500 lb capacity bulk bag unloader parts

2500 lb capacity unloader parts

MTU-2500 Component Parts List:

  1. Spring loaded “T” handles for bag loop retention
  2. Transport frame (BTF)
  3. Upper support frame (BSF)
  4. Unistrut pre-punched tubing for adjustments
  5. Neoprene facial bag seal
  6. Bearing mounted agitation paddles
  7. Permanently lubricated air cylinders
  8. Agitator support frame (ASF)
  9. Manual or automatic air controls
  10. Untie area with access door
  11. Ground support frame (GSF)

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4000 lb Capacity Bulk Bag Unloader with Self-Contained Hoist

4000 pound capacity bulk bag unloader with hoist

4000 pound capacity bulk bag unloader with hoist

4000 lb Capacity

The 4000 lb capacity unloader employs all the features of the 2500 lb capacity model with these added features:   unloaders are rated at 4,000 lb capacity and are supplied with 4″ square heavy structural tubing frame and 2 ton capacity electric or optional air-operated chain hoist. The horizontal trolley is manual as standard with an option for a powered trolley. A pendant operator control is standard.

The crucifix style transport frame (BTF) requires no orientation to unload the bulk bag. Typical unloading time is 3-6 minutes depending upon product flow characteristics.

MTU-4000 Components Parts List:

4000 lb capacity bulk bag unloader parts

4000 lb capacity unloader parts

  1. Upper half tubular hoist frame heavy duty 4 inch square tubing
  2. Lower half tubular support frame
  3. Neoprene facial bag seal
  4. Bearing mounted agitation paddles
  5. Permanently lubricated air cylinders
  6. Agitation support frame (ASF)
  7. Manual or automatic controls
  8. Untie area with access door
  9. Spring loaded “T” handles for bag loop retention
  10. Transporter frame (BTF)
  11. 2-ton capacity electric or air chain hoist
securing bulk bag to unloader lifting frame

securing bulk bag to unloader lifting frame


Heavy Duty Bulk Bag Unloader

4000 lb capacity bulk bag unloader with vibrating motor

4000 lb capacity unloader with vibrating motor

with Vibratory Motor Agitation
Model BBU
4000 lb Capacity

This style of unloader incorporates a  heavy duty 1800 RPM, 3/4 HP motor vibrator, attached to a heavy duty rubber mount isolated hopper with access & untie door. The unloader operates like a live bin bottom agitating the face of the bag, with hi-amplitude, strong, shear-like vibrations.

The force output of the motor vibrator is adjusted to suit energy requirements of the product being discharged.

The BBU-4000 can also be fitted with other available features like hoist, vibratory feeders or screw conveyors, as shown in the photo illustrations.

BBU-4000 Components

Component Parts List:

  1. Spring loaded “T” handles for bag loop retention
  2. Transport frame (BTF)
  3. Upper support frame
  4. 3/4 H.P. motor vibrator
  5. Live bottom, vibratory agitation hopper
  6. Heavy duty rubber isolators
  7. Lower intermediate non-vibratory transition hopper w/flex. boot
  8. Bag untie door in hopper
  9. Ground support frame
portable stainless steel bulk bag unloader

portable stainless steel bulk bag unloader

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Bulk Bag Dump Stations (BDS)

Bulk Bag Dump Station for 50 lb or 100 lb bags

BDS for 50 lb or 100 lb bags

For 50/100 Lb Small Bag Unloading

Loading the Unit:

The “BDS” Bag Dump Station provides a safe and ergonomic design for the batching operator. Loading of the BDS is simple and easy, in a totally dust-contained environment. 50 to 100 lb bags are easily broken and unloaded. A screen deck on the support surface retains any paper, foreign products, or oversize lumps from entering the process system.

The cover is maintained in an up or loading position via a gas- filled cylinder. Bags are dropped onto a knife-like edge, to cut and split bag into two halves. The air vibrator, shaker grate, cleans the bags in the collector and returns all collected dust, back into the product flow hopper below. Controls include a NEMA 12 twin push button station for starting the dust collection and/or the vibration of the shaker grate.

Rear door access to the bag unloading station

Rear door access to the BDS

Rear Access Door:

Access to the bag area is via a hinged rear, dust-tight door. Optional features include a vibratory sifting screen below the BDS, as well as conveyors and feeders to meter or elevate product. Note the optional motor vibratory sieve unit below the bag dump area in the photo illustrations.


Parts for Bag Dump Station

Component Parts List:

  1. Blower for dust collector
  2. Rear access door
  3. Bag break knife edge & screen deck
  4. Collection chamber
  5. Dust tight door supported by gas-filled cylinder
  6. Operator push button station

More photos:

Bulk bag unloader on off shore drilling platform in Gulf of Mexico. All explosion and water proof controls. Drilling mud is metered into mixing tank below the unloader station. Over head rail and hoist to move bulk bags into the unloader station.

bag dump station bulk bag unloader combo

Includes a bag dump station (BDS) with platform, handrails and stairs for operator to access the BDS

bulk bag agitator paddles

Air activated paddles to raise and lower the bulk bag to promote hard to flow materials from the bag.

dust tight bulk bag unloader

(left) Extended dust free discharge pipe which allow connection to the discharge spout of the bulk bag for a dust free transfer of material from the bulk bag. (right) Bulk bag discharge spout attached to the discharge pipe in the untie hopper of the bulk bag unloader station.

bulk bag unloader stations

Four each unloader stations side by side. Includes frame work, platform and stairs. Batch blending movable station drives under the bulk bags for filling as needed by the batch controller which is included.

bulk bag unloader stations

Three side by side unloader stations using overhead rail with electric hoist to move bags into stations. Vibrating hoppers to move material from bags into hoppers below. Includes platform and stairs.

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