silica sand wet scalping screen

Three vibratory screens are being use to scalp oversized silica sand particles in wet screening application. Sand and water is being fed from a water separator onto the screen surface. All sand particles larger than 40 mesh are scalped off and removed from the flow.

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Bagging Machine for Compost, Topsoil and Mulch has a specially designed horizontal belt feeder powered by a 3HP gear drive that is designed to fill semi and non free flowing materials into plastic open mouth bags. Compost, Topsoil or Mulch will be emptied into the supply hopper bin at the top of the machine. When a fill cycle is initiated, the product is conveyed by the belt feeder into the bag. The belt feeder is started by activating the foot pedal start switch. Once the feeder runs material for the preset time duration, the filling process will stop. Time of fill can be easily adjusted to achieve desired level of product into bag. Once the bag is filled, the operator moves the filled bag over the roller conveyor to the foot operated sealer. Bag is now ready to palletize.

magnetic drum inside housing

Magnetic Drum Separator removes ferrous metal from dry, free-flowing bulk solids. Drum Separator is self-cleaning and available with housing or as the magnetic drum only.

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Eddy Current Separator achieves up to 97% metal recovery rates from waste streams in MRFs, C&D, Auto Shredding, Glass Removal Operations, Electronics Recycling and more. Remove non-ferrous metals such as aluminum and copper using high-grade, Rare Earth permanent magnets. The magnetic rotor can be designed with different pole configurations based on the size of the metal to be recovered. The unit features heavy duty construction with a carbon fiber shell to minimize burnout. There are Stainless Steel sleeves on all rotors, variable rotational speeds and belt heights, removable side plates for easy access and maintenance, lifting eyes for easy installation and a low profile design.

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These Rotary Grate Magnets remove ferrous metal from dry powders and other bulk processed products that have difficult flow characteristics and a tendency to bridge and choke when using traditional, stationary tube style magnetic separators. Sizes range from 8″ x 8″ to 18″ by 18″ outlets with custom designs available to fit exact application requirements.

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large tube magnet for paper recycling

This Large Tube Rare Earth Magnet is being used inside a Paper Recycling Stream. It is a drawer magnet that was installed after the paper shredding step inside of the stream. The magnets catch stray nuts or bolts before they reach downstream grinding equipment. They also collects metallic fines to ensure a metal-free paper product. Removal of collected metals is accomplished using the EZ-Clean and Self-cleaning design on the unit.

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The Overhead Drum Magnet is designed to remove ferrous metal from waste streams. The waste stream is conveyed using a vibratory feeder. As the material passes under the overhead drum magnet, the ferrous metal is removed and the non-ferrous material is conveyed off the end of the vibratory feeder.

Valve bag is placed on valve bag filling machine spout. During the filling cycle, the low frequency oscillating (or reciprocating) densifier is activated to settle and densify the material in the valve bag. This allows for complete filling of the bag to reach set point weight. Other types of densifiers are available.

Bag Flattener Conveyor is designed for flattening both filled valve bags and open mouth bags. Bags are flattened when filled bag is transported through two conveyors with the upper conveyor applying adjustable force to the top of the bag. Typically, the bag flattener acts as a incline conveyor that transports bags to the inlet of a bag palletizer. Bag flattener is designed to arrange the filled bags so that they are palletized correctly for uniform and stable stacking on a pallet.

Valve Bag Sealer automatically removes filled bags from valve bag filling machine. It then automatically seals the bag by ultrasonic energy or it uses a clamping heat bar. After sealing, the bag is dropped onto a filled bag takeaway conveyor to a bag palletizing machine. The Valve Bag Sealer can be configured for 1-4 bag filling stations.