vibratory screening machine

Vibratory Screening Machine to scalp or separate particles using vibration. Unit is driven by two brute force vibratory motors mounted on sides of the unit. Vibratory motors can be mounted on top or under the unit if required. Four each isolation springs allow for mounting of the unit. Wire mesh screen panel can be removed for maintenance or replacement. Material exiting the “overs” or end of screen panel are discharged to the side of the unit. Material passing through the screen panel or “unders” drops onto a hopper for discharge to the next stage of processing.

Included as an option is control system to start and stop the vibratory screen. Available in most sizes to provide the required square footage of screening area for most applications.

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Compaction Table for Vibrating 55 Gallon or 30 Gallon Drums

This compaction table is designed for vibrating 55 gallon or 30 gallon drums.  It is constructed of 316 stainless steel to prevent corrosion and allow for wash down with water or chemicals.  In includes an industrial air-powered vibrating drive and four isolation springs.

Filled drum is placed on the vibrating compaction table.  Compressed air is activated via included control cabinet to power the pneumatic piston to vibrate and shake the drum.  This settles and mixes the contents of the drum. Unit is also available with an all-electric drive and control system.  View more vibrating and compaction tables here.

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loss in weight hopper with electromagnetic vibrating feeder

Free standing Loss in Weight Hopper with Feeder includes vibrating feeder to meter material from the surge or supply hopper above the feeder.  The system is mounted on load cells with a scale controller and controls to operate the system. System uses an electromagnetic vibrating feeder with flow control to control the rate of discharge from the feeder. The surge or supply hopper can be sized for each application.

It is used for metering additive materials into a mixer or blending system. It is available in stainless steel or carbon steel construction. Control system is designed for independent control or integrated with an in-house process control system.

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automatic box or drum filling system with vibrating densifier

This Automatic Box or Drum Filling System with Vibrating Densifier can be a standalone station or used as part of an existing filling line.

Surge hopper feeds material into the electric powered vibrating feeder which meters the material into a box or drum located on the electric powered roller vibrating table. Box or drum is  vibrated or densified during filling. Load cells with a scale controller and controls operate the vibrating feeder and vibrating table.  These are included as part of the system. Additional powered roller conveyors are available.

Process description: Empty box or drum is indexed into the filling position. Vibrating feeders starts and meters material into the box or drum. During the filling process vibrating table starts to compact the material during the fill cycle. At set point weight the filled box is moved off the filling table.

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used recycling equipment for sale

Buying used recycling equipment might be the most cost effective solution for small recycling centers or start-up facilities.  Before you start looking for used recycling equipment, make a check list or spreadsheet of what types of equipment you need.  Contact Tinsley Company and we will search our used recycling equipment inventories and tell you what is available for sale.  Then, we will arrange a site visit for you to inspect the equipment.

Here are some things to consider when buying used recycling equipment:

  • How old is the recycling equipment?
  • Has it had any issues in the past and when were repairs made?
  • Are equipment records available?
  • Is there a warranty and is it still valid?
  • What types of repairs do you anticipate making to the used recycling equipment and how much will they cost?
  • How much fuel or electricity does this equipment require? Are there records available that state the past energy requirements?
  • What is the average cost for operating the equipment?

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System unloads corn seed from Buckhorn Probox Container and places material into open mouth or valve bags using a bag filling machine. System can also be used to bag agricultural products like rice seed and wheat seed.

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Wet frac sand tailings stream  is being processed to recover product before wet sand tailings are sent back to quarry. Water and silica sand is processed over a urethane screen panel designed to remove any remaining product from the tailings stream.

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Vibratory dry screening to size silica sand particles for use as frac sand.

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silica sand wet scalping screen

Three vibratory screens are being use to scalp oversized silica sand particles in wet screening application. Sand and water is being fed from a water separator onto the screen surface. All sand particles larger than 40 mesh are scalped off and removed from the flow.

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Bagging Machine for Compost, Topsoil and Mulch has a specially designed horizontal belt feeder powered by a 3HP gear drive that is designed to fill semi and non free flowing materials into plastic open mouth bags. Compost, Topsoil or Mulch will be emptied into the supply hopper bin at the top of the machine. When a fill cycle is initiated, the product is conveyed by the belt feeder into the bag. The belt feeder is started by activating the foot pedal start switch. Once the feeder runs material for the preset time duration, the filling process will stop. Time of fill can be easily adjusted to achieve desired level of product into bag. Once the bag is filled, the operator moves the filled bag over the roller conveyor to the foot operated sealer. Bag is now ready to palletize.

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