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Vibrating Tube Feeder Enclosed

This Vibrating Tube Feeder conveys crushed aggregate to a bulk storage silo. It can also be used to convey other types of bulk materials like powders, bulk solids and crushed glass.  The enclosed design prevents foreign materials from entering the product stream.  A variable frequency drive is used to control the feed rate as needed for downstream production requirements.

It is suspended in place by steel cables connected to a structure above. Isolation springs prevent transfer of energy from the feeder to the cables and structure. Abrasion Resistant liners can also be used with this feeder.

Bulk Bag Filler with Wooden Pallet Dispenser

This Bulk Bag Filler with Wooden Pallet Dispenser automatically places an empty pallet under a bulk bag before filling. 14-16 pallets are loaded for staging into the pallet dispenser. Controls automatically remove the bottom pallet from the stack and place it below the bulk bag before filling occurs.

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Discharge Product from Bulk Bags into Batching Mixing System

This is a bulk bag unloader that discharges product from a bulk bag into a batching/mixing system. The bulk bag unloader is loaded by a fork lift placing a bulk bag in the frame of the BBU. Product is drawn out of the bulk bag via an enclosed vibrating feeder to meter product into a paddle mixer for blending with other dry ingredients. The feeder is controlled by a loss in weight system comprised of load cells and controller to dispense a specific weight per batch.


Dry Screening Phosphate Ore

These compound angle screening machines perform two size separations on a single screening surface.

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A Frac Sand Producer was looking to increase production rates at an existing production plant. The product specification goal was to produce a consistent 40 X 70 API (American Petroleum Institute) standard product.  Feed to the Stack Sizer screening machines is from a processed material stream that discharges from a hydrocyclone at a solid feed rate of 150 stph.

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Ashphalt Sand Production Dewatering Screen and Dryer

This Sand Production Equipment produces a clean and dry Industrial Sand that contains less than 2% minus 200 mesh at a rate of 150-175 t/h.

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fine screening of garnet from mineral sands

A Mineral Sands Producer used a new fine screening machines (or repulp equipment) to recover Garnet at over 90% efficiency.  The older, conventional vibrating screens were only able to recover material at about 44% efficiency.

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centrifuge to dewater slurry and fines

A large aggregate producer replaced an inefficient belt press and settling pond with a 12-15 t/h Centrifuge and Hi-G Dryer Unit.

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Single Linear Motion Screen Used for Ceramic Clay Production

A large ceramic clay producer replaced 12 round screens with 1 Single Linear Motion Screen.

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High Efficiency Screens for Quartz Sand

Two 5-Deck Derrick Stack Sizers screening machines were installed to achieve a 500 Micron Separation of Quartz Sand for a major Silica Sand Producer.

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